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The Sentinels are spherical metal devices used by the Tall Man for various purposes, primarily enforcement. They are best known for their ability to jam into a human skull and suck out the blood, thus killing the victim. Through unknown propulsion, they float in the air.

Types of Sentinels[]

  • Silver Sentinel (first seen in Phantasm) - The most common type. The Tall Man typically amputates the minds of his victims by placing their brains within the Sentinel devices, thus creating Lurkers and Sentinels simultaneously. The Silver Sentinels patrol the Tall Man's territory and seem to attack mainly on instinct, as they are capable of harming the Tall Man himself if he is caught offguard. The Silver Setinels also double as keys in the Tall Man's lair. Which has doors that can be only open through a special lock in the shape of concave hemisphere with two slits to fit the prongs.
  • Gold Sentinel (first seen in Phantasm II) - A superior version with added torture devices. The Tall Man's own brain is contained within a Gold Sentinel, as is Mike's, suggesting that only the truly special minds are kept in these. Since The Tall Man was still alive and Michael hadn't been changed yet, it is unknown who's mind the first Gold Sphere contained in Phantasm II.
  • Black Sentinel (first seen in Phantasm III) - After being burnt by the Tall Man for his disobedience, Jody's Sentinel turned into a black color, suggesting that black marks independence. It's also the only time a Sentinel is shown actually changing colors. This may not actually be a specific type, as it is possible that Jody's was simply charred black from the burning.
  • Makeshift Sentinel (first seen in Phantasm IV) - A brainless sphere built by Mike out of the parts of one of the Tall Man's hearses. This sphere had three needles for a weapon and seemed to be controlled by Mike's mind.
  • Red Sentinel (first seen in Phantasm V) - A suicide sphere designed to detonate.
  • Giant Sentinel (first seen in Phantasm V)- The most powerful variant. These were constructed during his war with humanity. They fire large laser beams powerful enough to destroy skyscrapers. The ending shows that he has at least five of them.


  • The Sentinels were based on a dream that Don Coscarelli had.
  • There's a new type of Sentinel in each film.
  • The Red Sentinels seen in Ravager were invented by Roger Avary for his unused Phantasm's End script.
  • On the set of Phantasm II, the Gold Sentinel was referred to as the "Rambo sphere".
  • One of the DVD releases of the Phantasm series is designed as a Silver Sentinel.
  • The game "Terraria" features a reference to the Silver Sentinel with an enemy named the Deadly Sphere.